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Job Title: 

Production Supervisor

Purpose of the job:

We are looking for a Production Supervisor who will oversee and monitor the manufacturing process within the company and ensure that production lines run smoothly to deliver maximum quality in a profitable manner. To ensure that products are manufactured to a certain quality standard and adheres to other safety/industry-related regulations.

Manage the workflow by assigning responsibilities and preparing schedules. Guide and coach employees٫ monitoring their productivity. Oversee safe use of equipment and schedule regular maintenance. Prepare reports on performance and progress.


1. Ensure that safety, health, and environment requirements are the number one priority on the plant and to adhere to SOP/ISO policies and procedures.

• Coordinate, set-up and implement/improve standard operating procedures for all production lines

• Making sure that all products are on time and are of good quality

• Manage non-compliance against all production and related factors

✓Stop production

✓Correct non-compliance

✓Obtain written approval from all departments before continuing production

✓Record non-compliance

2. Manage production department, ensure optimal efficiency regarding resources and people in order to safely meet the sales requirements.

• General management of daily performance of the factory

• Manage performance of the factory to ensure high level of productivity

• Oversees all the factory activities

• Establish & manage departmental strategy, all relevant policies, operating procedures, and rules for the department - includes setting policies to ensure effective implementation and adherence amongst all staff

• Establish & maintain appropriate systems for measuring necessary aspects of operational management and development to optimise and monitor operational activities

• Dispatch, warehouse & delivery - ensure proper controls are maintained to pack & dispatch manufactured products to customer requirements

• Ensure compliance to all legislative requirements

• Prepare, participate & attend meetings

• Review production orders & schedules to ascertain and manage product data such as types, quantities, and specifications of products & scheduled delivery dates, and prepare production plans

• Coordinate factory departments to control the relation between all production stages

• Ensure that all production assets are maintained and that operators are well trained.

• Establish daily٫ weekly and monthly objectives and communicate them to employees.

• Manage the workflow by assigning responsibilities and preparing schedules.

• Guide and coach employees٫ monitoring their productivity.

• Oversee safe use of equipment and schedule regular maintenance.


• Prepare & submit reports to management

• Monitor, measure and report on operational issues, opportunities and development plans and achievements within agreed formats and timelines

• Prepare & review production reports & data

• Update & maintain company documentation

• Complete company reports required for operational planning and improvement

• Ensure accurate documentation is kept by all functions in the factory

3. Management of production staff by implementing and tracking performance against KPI's and driving a succession planning program to ensure that staff are continuously developed, and the plant is adequately covered at all levels.

• Maintain proper employment levels through selecting, interviewing, and training of personnel

• Consult & collaborate with other members of management representing the position & concerns of manufacturing & production

• Consult with other departmental supervisors to determine the status of various projects and operations

• Communicate with concerned party/ person / department when discrepancies appear on job orders and to take the necessary actions to modify them

• Communicate matters to relevant stakeholders

• Lead the production team in relation to the implementation and tracking of continuous improvement objectives

• Organize and direct workflow for satisfying production requirement in a cost-efficient manner

• Develop and motivate the cost-effective alternatives and improvements to the production process

• Manage and monitor all daily activities and functions on all production lines

• Correctly calculate and manage targets

• Plan and organise production schedules and employees

• Develop, implement & maintain benchmark standards for all production processes/products

• Organise and set priorities for the effective management of equipment and employees

• Identify and resolve production problems

• Maximize the efficiency of production lines and ensure effective employment utilization

• Establish and control conditions of production in order to satisfy customer and quality specifications 

4. Manage the maintenance, final processing, ensure operational efficiencies are prioritised, KPI's are implemented and tracked.

• Check factory machinery performance

• Study the new up-to-date machinery trends if required for developing the production process & quality

• Direct & coordinate factory operations

• Set up & follow through the department objectives in line with company vision

• Review daily progress

• Coordinate resolution of any problems experienced

• Alter operation schedules to meet customer demands

• Reduce costs by controlling operating expenses

• Report & review status of job schedules & speed

5. Develop and maintain appropriate work relationships with your colleagues in SHE, Logistics, Technical, Finance, Sales, HR to ensure that the production objectives and company objectives are successfully implemented and achieved.

• Liaise with other functional/departmental managers to understand all necessary aspects and needs of operational development

• Liaise with the product line manager on planning and predicting customer orders to satisfy delivery

• Analyse delivery and inventory issues and provide solutions

• Perform analysis of manufacturing materials and determining optimum control levels

• Maintain high customer satisfaction levels, timely goods deliveries, and production scheduling tasks

• Achieve financial sustainability during the development of new and innovative business opportunities

• Provide a work environment that promotes positive energy, creativity, and teamwork amongst employees

• Lead employee engagement processes with employees by conducting meetings, listening to each department's issues and concerns, and setting a professional example by showing leadership qualities

• Identify potential growth areas

• Identify potential new products

• Commission samples

• Manage the research & development function

• Develop and maintain appropriate work relationships with colleagues in SHEQ, Logistics, Technical, Finance, Sales, HR to ensure that the production objectives and company objectives are successfully implemented and achieved

6. Manage the budget for the production area

• Manage and control expenditure within agreed budgets

• Participate in budgeting process

• Manage expenses in line with budget

• Compile & implement action plans to manage budget variances

• Participate actively in standardization and cost reduction

•Manage the purchasing, stock control, distribution, production-scheduling tasks

✓Purchasing department


✓Procurement & availability of raw material

✓Material planning

• Coordinating with purchasing department for material planning

• Plant optimization and managing cost improvement projects

• Project management

• Direct & approve designs & communicate modifications in production

• Prepare a production plan

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