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Zamani Chemicals (Pty) Ltd whit its blending specifications of specific minor ingredients for more than a decade, making us one of the few level one BBBEE suppliers and the only success story out of its Vuka Projects Small business venture programme.

Zamani Chemicals (Pty) Ltd has proven itself as a stable 100% black owned and black managed company with capacity to blend more than 20 000 tons of powder chemicals per annum at its 2553 square meter plant in Boksburg East.


Using “batch-making” Zamani Chemicals (Pty) Ltd is able to customize blending of chemicals to that specific customer´s needs, giving our customers quality and traceability as our workmanship seal. We use individual loss-of-weight bulk bag weigh batch dischargers and gain-weight batching system integrated with our upstream and downstream equipment – using force gravity to provide us a natural ability to move different powders – at high rates for fast batching cycles and at steady dribble-feed rates for high accurate weighments.

Zamani Chemicals (Pty) Ltd machine operators are multi-skilled and run plough-share mixer, ribbon blender and double cone blenders at any give shift – making us master blenders and manufactures of powder chemicals for industrial detergent makers in general and homecare detergents makers in particular. Batch-making demands accuracy with “weighing” and “duration” as our critical blending and mixing variables.

We run one BSM Techblend ribbon blender that uses contra-flow blending principles for fast blending and mixing with modern design and manufacturing processes such a solid object CAD modelling, laser profiling , casting and MIG welding. Our ribbon blender consists of a blender housing between 50 litre and 4600 litre filling capacity.


We run two double cone blenders: both a 500kg and a 1000kg. The conical shape at both ends enables uniform mixing and easy discharge. With doble cone blender, mixing takes place axially, as a result of the powder moving through the different sections.


We run one ploughshare Mixtec Series 1000/2000 mixer consisting of a coaxial multi – reduction type gearbox, incorporating an integrally mounted squirrel cage motor having a totally enclosed fan cooled dust and weatherproofed enclosure. The housing output shaft is coupled to the mixer shaft through a precision coupling which is designed to take axial, radial and torsional loads.


A step by step consultation process begins when Zamani Chemicals (Pty) Ltd sets itself to understand all the customer´s blending requirements and determines a specific blending DNA in order to align Zamani Blending System (ZBS) to the customer´s blending outputs adjustable to fit any material planning and production forecast.


Wether you want to blend laundro-clean and antiform for your auto powders; or simply add colour with our red, blue, green, orange and blend speckles; or blend your key surfactants, builders and several other ingredients – Zamani Chemicals (Pty) Ltd is able to source bulk chemicals, specifically: salt, laundro – clean and antiform which can be built in the blending process according to blending specifications.


Though our strength lies in the powder detergent blending solutions, Zamani Chemicals (Pty) Ltd is able to blend powder ingredients for liquid detergent maker (offering them “dry detergent mix” according to their specification), and to some degree assist with the process of mixing back in – after all ingredients are blended. Zamani Chemicals
(Pty) Ltd is increasing its knowledge in handling liquid blending solutions consisting of water and various chemicals (know as solubilizers).

Zamani Chemicals (Pty) Ltd also offers packaging solutions for powder soap (finished product) ranging between 5kg to 15kg in bags, buckets and sachets. We use semi-automatic packaging line: which transfers the powder soap from Z type conveyor, where the large 2 heads calculate the weight, bag it and we seal the bag manually.

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