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FAQ 1. Is Zamani black owned?

Yes. 100% black owned and black managed.

FAQ 2. What is Zamani´s BEE status/level?

Zamani is a level one BEE contributor.

FAQ 3. Who are the shareholders?

Zamani Chemicals Pty Ltd its core-owned by 5 families and the shareholders are GL Sithole; MJ Mathibela; MI Ngcongo; RB Mokou and M Matjie.

FAQ 4. What is Zamani Succession plan?

All the 5 first born children are involved the business and Zamani is currently working on succession programme as a new wave of leadership to retain 60+ experience of the shareholders as the new age thinking.

FAQ 5. What´s the Zamani link to Unilever?

Unilever South Africa is Zamani´s major client for contract manufacturing and chemical blending services. Also, Zamani shareholders used to work for Unilever and were asked to start a business through Unilever´s transformation programme referred to as Vuka Project. 


FAQ 6. Is Zamani audited?

Yes. KPMG as been auditing Zamani Chemicals since its inception and has received clean audits year on year.

FAQ 7. Which mixers does Zamani use?

We have 4 types of mixers: Ribbon Blender; Double Cone 500kg; Double Cone 1000kg and Ploughshre.

FAQ 8. What is Zamani´s core business?

Our payoff line says it all: "For world- class handling of all industrial chemicals. "Zamani Chemicals is a blender/ manufacturer of detergent chemicals for FMCG companies in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. Zamani Chemicals is a South African based analyst, supplier, decanter, blender and packager of industrial chemicals (on behalf of customers and according to customer specification). 

FAQ 9. What is Zamani´s production capacity?

The current 2553 square meters' facility is used for manufacturing of the detergent chemicals and has capacity to produced up to 650 tons per day, working on three shifts of 8 hours each. The current production stands at 100 tons per day on one shift. This means there is more than 60% unused/unallocated capacity that´s currently available.

FAQ 10. What is Zamani´s unique selling proposition?

Zamani Chemicals uses high quality equipment with a proven track record for production purposes. The equipment is well maintained to ensure that there is very limited downtime on production. The mechanical equipment is run by production software that focuses on key deliverables that allow management to measure production output. 

FAQ 11. What is #ZamChem5?

Our understarding of the behaviour of detergent powders is unmatched, thus offering our chemicals solution know to many as #ZamChem5 accordingly: (1) Analyzing - a customer needs driven approach that speaks to our ability to scan chemicals, their character and behaviour; (2) Ordering - itemizing and coding that speaks to our mastery and understanding of raw materials and how they affect conversion, blanding and packaging; (3) Decanting - weighing and duration speaks to our years of manufacturing experience as a top converter, blender and packager of industrial chemicals; (4) Blending - controlling the behaviour of individual builders and sufactants that speaks to our detergent powder making strength; and (5) Packaging - total quality output that speaks to our checks and balances.

FAQ 12. Is Zamani VAT registered?


FAQ 13. How many people does Zamani employ?

20 capable men and women, most from poverty stricken families and previously disadvantages communities. We have employed 2 general workers; 3 decanters; 6 machine operators; 2 truck drivers; 1 production clerk; 2 senior managers; a company secretary a 3 active shareholders. 

FAQ 14. What are some of the services components Zamani has blended/manufacture for its customers?

We manufacturer colored speckles which are mainly used in detergent manufacturing. We blend on behalf of customers according to customer specification and we mainly do powder blends.

FAQ 15. Which colour speckles does Zamani manufacturer?

Blue. Red. Green. Blue/Red/Green Blend. Orange. But not limited to.

FAQ 16. What about safety, health, environment and quality? 

Zamani Chemicals Pty Ltd is a custodian of the Occupational Health & Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993)  and uses a Zamani Quality Seal that safeguards safety; health; environment: and quality. We believe what is good for our planet is good for our business.

FAQ 17. What drives Zamani?

Our core values. These are integrity (we are reliable); customer services (we are there for you); efficiency (we save you money, time and inconvenience); quality (we are specialized); workmanship (we stick to knitting *meaning: we stick to the business that we know); excellence (we are unmatched); and inclusiveness (we lift up others and operate in constant consultation). 

FAQ 18. Where is Zamani located?

United B2 Benoni Multi Park, 26 Van Dyk Road, Benoni.


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